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Grandparents and grandchild
Parent Child Relationships

The mediator doesn't tell you what to do, or make judgements about who's right or wrong. However, the mediator facilitates the communication process between the parties.


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Employer/Employee Relationships

Mediation can assist with internal conflicts as well as external ones with other individuals, by providing an alternate resolution and a different view of the perspective to the conflict.

Family Harmony
Anyone with a dispute with another person or company

The mediation process is provided without condemnation, interruption, badgering or intimidation by the other individual.



Mother and two children

Mediation appeals to the inclination of all parties to be seen as fair and reasonable; while enhancing an awareness of the capability to resolve problems.


Married Couples

Do you find it difficult to communicate effectively with your spouse or loved one?





Dating Couples

The mediator will help identify the issues in the dispute and assist you in deciding how the issue can best be resolved through alternative dispute resolution.

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